Wen writing a Loader Resume, remember to make it concise yet descriptive to make it a snapshot of your qualifications and experience. Identify your key skills, knowledge and physical capability you have that will help contributing to the prospective company’s success. Depending on your work experience, a Loader Resume should be 1 to 2 pages long and go back in time 8-10 years.

The following resume sample for a loader position will give you a quick start in your job application process.



Loader Resume Sample


John Albert

555 Hamption Ave. Houston, TX 65221
(000) 987-1256, john@ email . com

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Loader with Northeast Center where I will be able to use my physical capabilities and problem solving skills.

• Over 3 years of experience working as a loader for different delivery companies and freight carriers
• Highly experienced in performing duties that are part of a loader’s job including loading and unloading merchandize
• In-depth knowledge of conveyors, hoists and other related equipment
• Hands-on experience in monitoring products as they are moved from one place to another in order to ensure safety of the shipment involved
• Comprehensive understanding of gauge readings and computer software needed for a loader’s job.
• Thorough understanding of invoices and experienced in checking and cross checking to see if they coincide with delivery goods
• Good knowledge of computer programs used to record delivery statuses
• Ability to understand the importance of maintaining specific gravity and using hydrometers as and when needed

• Acquired customer services training in order to understand how to deal with a customer effectively
• Obtained training in managing ground cables and other electricity related tasks

May 2009 – Present
R & D Carriers, Austin, TX
• Manage merchandize coming in and out of the company
• Load and unload merchandize
• Ensure safety of goods and oversee invoices
• Update data information in the company’s software

High School Diploma – 2007

• Good communication skills
• Ability to perform basic mathematical functions
• Ability to speak in three languages (English, German and Spanish)