Hotel Receptionist Cover Letter Sample & Writing Guide

Updated on: July 18, 2020

Your resume for a hotel receptionist position is a summary of your qualifications, skills, and expertise. Likewise, your cover letter is a great marketing tool to sell your skills.

The purpose of writing a hotel receptionist cover letter is to demonstrate why your background uniquely qualifies you for the job. If the prospective employer likes your cover letter, there will be a good chance that they will consider you.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Hotel Receptionist?

  1. Firstly, see the job description provided by the employer; it will help you build a targeted cover letter.
  2. Tailor your cover letter’s content as per the requirements of a specific hotel.
  3. Write meaningful and logical terms and phrases.
  4. Build your cover letter using a standard business letter format.
  5. Use 11 – 12 pt font size with a simple font.

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See the following example to get more ideas.

Sample Cover Letter for Hotel Receptionist

Andrea Butte
9 6th Street South
Bethel, CT 02311
(000) 547-9585

July 18, 2020

Ms. Amy Hathaway
Senior Administrator
The Regency
2 Some Quaker Ave
Bethel, CT 02355

Dear Ms. Hathaway:

If you are looking for a self-motivated Hotel Receptionist with a strong work ethic to join your team at The Regency, I respectfully request your consideration of my enclosed resume. As my education, skills, and experiences match your job description, I am certain that I would be able to immediately contribute to the success of your hotel.

My skill set spans a multitude of areas to comprehensively manage the front desk operations. I can maintain a friendly and welcoming attitude at all times. Moreover, my hands-on experiences polished my capability of handling customers with professionalism while resolving their problems quickly.

Specifically, I am highly skilled in:

  1. Informing guests about the availability of rooms.
  2. Allotting the best place in keeping with the budget of the guest.
  3. Verifying the identity of the guests to make sure no unsavory guests are being permitted to lodge in the hotel.
  4. Maintaining and updating guest information in the company provided software as well as hard copies.

Besides, I am familiar with PABX and computerized reservations and complaints systems. Not to mention, I am an excellent communicator in English and Spanish, which helps me deal with guests in a multicultural environment.

Owing to my enthusiasm and dedication to achieving success, I feel confident that I would quickly exceed your expectations. I will call you next week to set up an interview. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, I will be available at (000) 524-8754.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Andrea Butte

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