Loader/unloader Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 6, 2018

If working in a warehouse capacity is where you want your career to lead you, it is best if you start by handling loading and unloading work. A loader/unloader typically works in a warehouse capacity, where his or her primary task is to make sure that incoming and outgoing shipments are appropriately managed.

The work of a loader/unloader is highly physical, which means you need to possess great skill and agility to perform it. If you have worked in an apprenticeship position in a warehouse capacity, you will be aware of how work is performed in the role.

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually the only educational background that is needed to qualify for the position of a loader/unloader. The ability to handle heavy loads of merchandise and knowledge of picking and packing orders will go a long way in making you an eligible individual to hire at this position.

Working in this position means that you have to be on your feet (literally) at all times. You will need to stay on top of things to make sure that both incoming and outgoing loads are timely managed. This position may eventually lead you to make a career as a warehouse worker.

Loader/Unloader Job Description for Resume

• Check work orders to determine the type and amount of items that will be received in incoming shipments.

• Check incoming shipments to match order information with items received, and inform the supervisor of any discrepancies.

• Lift and move merchandise from delivery trucks, one by one, and place them on checking pallets.

• Check each item to ensure conformity to standards, and isolate non-conforming products.

• Transport checked and secured goods to assigned storage areas, and ensure that they are properly stacked.

• Assist warehouse workers in picking orders from storage areas, providing location assistance.

• Check all picked orders to ensure that they bear the right information such as batch and item numbers.

• Tag outgoing shipments with information such as batch numbers, expiry dates, and destination addresses.

• Lift and carry items to awaiting delivery trucks, ensuring that they are properly and safely loaded onto the vehicles, and secured.

• Ensure that all paperwork is updated, and information regarding outgoing and incoming shipments is punched into the database.