Airplane Cargo Loader Resume Sample

Updated: December 24, 2021

An Airplane Cargo resume that does not impress the hiring manager is considered to be written “incorrectly”, even if it is your best piece of writing yet.

In order to make sure that all resumes that you create reach hiring managers where they want them, take a look at the following sample:

Airplane Cargo Loader Resume Example

Kevin Cole
2 Forest Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 69003
(000) 325-9685


• Highly experienced airplane Cargo Loader boasting over 12 years’ track record of cargo loading/unloading and overseeing the movement and safety of cargo on assigned airplanes.
• Exceptionally well-versed in determining both orientation and destination of cargo loads.
• Demonstrated expertise in directing the ground crew to stage aircraft cargo and baggage.
• Effectively able to decide on the quantity and orientation of cargo, and compute aircraft center of gravity.
• Proficient in distributing cargo in a manner to ensure space maximization.
• Adept at accompanying aircraft as a member of the flight to oversee and monitor cargo during flights.

– Cargo Inspection
– Conveyer Belt Setup
– Weight Calculation
– Cargo Monitoring
– Space Maximization
– Luggage Safety
– Documentation
– Delivery Direction
– Weight Distribution
– Records Management
– Cargo Retrieval
– Container Assembly

– Implemented a cargo stacking system which increased panel spacing by 55%.
– Introduced a cargo monitoring and inspection system, which took 75% less time than the one already in place.
– Successfully loaded cargo onto 3 awaiting planes, within the timeframe provided, in the absence of 3 other crew members.
– Devised a records management system, which was 65% more efficient than the one being used.


Airplane Cargo Loader
Delta Airlines, Royal Oak, MI
6/2014 – Present
• Obtain orders from supervisors about which aircraft luggage has been assigned.
• Check cargo loads to determine load plans, and ensure that load plans are shared with crew members.
• Lift cargo and baggage, and physically transport it to the loading area.
• Ascertain that all cargo items are appropriately loaded and stacked into the cargo area.
• Determine the quantity and orientation of cargo, and compute aircraft center of gravity.
• Calculate load weights according to the specifics of each aircraft compartment.
• Operate equipment such as trucks, forklifts, and conveyor belts and ensure that they are adequately maintained.
• Create and submit loading, and unloading reports for all activities carried out during the day.

Airplane Cargo Loader
Hoover Airlines, Royal Oak, MI
2/2009 – 5/2014
• Assisted cargo loaders in picking up and placing luggage and crates onto aircraft.
• Ensured that all cargo items were stacked correctly and secured within the plane.
• Provided support in retrieving items from the cargo hold and placing them on conveyor belts.
• Cleaned and maintained luggage areas, according to the airport’s regulations.
• Assisted in routing received items to available flights, and appropriate storage areas.

High School Diploma
Royal Oak High School, Royal Oak, MI – 2009