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Updated on February 18, 2018


Counseling Practicum resumes are your key to success – but only if you know how to use them efficiently.

The following resume sample will show you how to use a format to your benefit:




Counseling Practicum Resume Example



Anthony King

176 55th Street SE
Long Island, NY87531
(000) 124-2141
antking @ email . com


Highly talented counseling practicum, with exceptional exposure to providing direct counseling, outreach, crises intervention, and administrative services for counseling services. Well-versed in conducting and coordinating educational programs regarding emotional and mental health related topics. Qualified to provide personal and group counseling, crises intervention, and referral services to students, using appropriate treatment plans.


Referral ServicesCrises HandlingProject Integration
Client EducationIndividualized CounselingPersonality Tests
Records ManagementPaperwork HandlingTraining
Cross-cultural CounselingCareer Planning AssistancePrevention Efforts

• Rehabilitated 15 students in 3 months, by providing them with well-placed counseling sessions.
• Devised a series of training programs, which were considered highly successful in providing clients with rehabilitation assistance.
• Implemented a records management system, which proved to be 75% more confidential than the one already in place.
• Managed a crises situation between two clients in a group session, ensuring the wellbeing of both.


Counseling Practicum
Teal Counseling Services, Long Island, NY | 2017- Present
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their problems and emotional issues.
• Go through clients’ files and records to determine past histories concerning mental and emotional problems.
• Assist clients in understanding their issues, and coming to terms with them.
• Create and implement core programs to meet the individual emotional and mental needs of each patient.
• Initiate and deliver instructional presentations for assigned outreach programs.
• Provide personal and group counseling to assigned clients, and refer them to external services if needed.
• Participate in case supervision, and educational training, and assist staff members in integrating projects into counseling programs.
• Establish positive communication with units and staff members, aiming to ensure delivery of positively inclined services.

Sava Mental Health, Long Island, NY | 2016 – 2017
• Assisted clients in dealing with their emotional issues by engaging them in positive conversation.
• Listened to clients’ issues, and provided feedback about any significant issues to counselors.
• Monitored clients’ conditions, and ensured that any emergent situations were properly handled.
• Established communication with external references, aiming to provide clients with the best in services.
• Communicated current mental health and wellness information to clients, as part of the education process.

Long Island University, Long Island, NY – 2015
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

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