Mental Health Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: March 6, 2019

When writing a mental health specialist resume, your focus should be on past experience and skills.

Of course, information regarding education in this area, and achievements should also be included.

It is important to remember that a mental health specialist resume has to be exceptionally well-written.

Firstly, the resume is your primary job application document.

Secondly, whatever you write in it is going to set the pace of your job application.




See the sample below to get a better idea.

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Mental Health Specialist Resume Sample



Faith Samuel
640 Eerie Road, Westerly, RI54344
(000) 999-9999


Mental health specialist, with exceptional insight into mental and emotional issues. Expert in providing support to patients diagnosed with mental health issues. Ability to create and implement plans in order to help patients come to terms with their conditions.

• Implemented a unique behavior management system, therefore, saved many patients from imminent self-harm.
• Counseled a suicidal patient for 3 weeks, saving him from taking drastic measures.
• Increased the facility’s patient base by 50%, due to rave service reviews.
• Introduced the concept of team building, which resulted in increased participation in inpatient services.


Mental Health Specialist
Emotional Hub, Westerly, RI | 2012-present
• Confer with family members in order to determine patients’ problems and issues.
• Engage patients in conversation to figure out their personality types.
• Assess patients’ mental and emotional conditions.
• Create and implement individualized plans in order to meet patient specifics.
• Reduce barriers to treatment through appropriate case management.
• Perform duties, such as evaluation, and service planning.
• Assess patient progress to determine efficacy.
• Make modifications to plans as needed.
• Develop appropriate screening tools.
• Facilitate group workshops on topics such as emotional development, and stress management.
• Intervene in issues such as self-harm, in order to ensure patient safety and wellbeing.

Behavior Specialist
Rehabilitation Services Inc., Westerly, RI | 2005-2012
• Assessed patients to determine behavior problems.
• Created and implemented plans in order to meet patients’ requirements.
• Made referrals as required.
• Provided counseling services.
• Ensured that patients’ plan efficacy was evident.
• Made modifications to existing plans in order to make them more effective.

MS Degree in Psychology
Rhode Island State University, Westerly, RI


Rehabilitation Behavior Management Emotional Support
Plan Development Counseling Expertise Patient Interaction
Assessment Risk Management Record-keeping
Therapy Implementation Team Building Research

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