Neurology Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 18, 2018

How does one write a neurology nurse cover letter which is readily accepted by a hiring manager?

No, it is not impossible to do, even though you may find it slightly complicated if you haven’t done it before.

But since everyone has to start somewhere, let’s discuss how this can be done. Cover letter writing is difficult only if you do not know what to write, and since this is precisely what the problem usually is, you have to be very careful in what you write. Find out what the position entails first.

Perform as much research as you can about what the prospective employer requires, and then write a cover letter to appease those likes.

Writing a neurology nurse cover letter means that you have to put your best side forward. Include all your skills and qualifications, and mention a little bit of your experience.

Remember not to talk too much about your work experience, as this will be detailed in the resume as well. Here is a cover letter sample to help you along:



Neurology Nurse Cover Letter Example



February 18, 2018

Mr. Steven Phillips
Human Resource Manager
Providence St. Joseph’s Health
177 Hospital Avenue
Baltimore, MD18873


Dear Mr. Phillips:

I would like to work as a neurology nurse at Providence St. Joseph’s Health, hoping to contribute to the facility in a positive manner. I am an experienced neurology nurse, who has worked in this arena for over 5 years. The reason that I decided to specialize in neurology was my intense interest in the area, and ability to analyze neurological problems and diseases in an accurate and profound fashion.

With my comprehension of using a wide variety of devices to gauge patients’ neurological diseases and their advancement, your facility will benefit greatly. Initiating neurology nursing programs, and assisting neurologists in diagnosing patients with brain and nervous system illnesses is my strong point, as is my ability to handle other diagnostic procedures, such as brain scans.

My ability to monitor and evaluate neurology patients’ health statuses, and provide correlating care, is profound. Over the past 2 years, I have been actively working with doctors and care workers to integrate patient comfort issues in neurology nurse care programs, which have been highly successful.

Positive that a face to face meeting between us will be fruitful for Providence St. Joseph’s Health, I will call you soon to see if an interview can be arranged. Until then, you may contact me at (000) 854-5241 if you require.




Jennifer Walker
(000) 854-5241
Enc: (Resume)