Counseling Practicum Cover Letter Sample

Updated February 17, 2018

A million cover letters later (maybe not as many but close enough), hiring authorities begin to feel a bit at edge about reading one more.

This is not because they hate job applications – it is only because reading one more cover letter that says the same thing over and over again is hardly fun. What does one do?

As an applicant, it is your duty to make sure that your cover letter is not boring or run of the mill.

Writing an interesting Counseling Practicum cover letter is not everyone’s ballgame. You have to be exceptionally talented in impressing a hiring manager. But if you have the right resources, and some good advice, you can actually write a cover letter that a hiring manager will want to read, even if it is the 100th one that he or she is reading since the start of the day.

Worrying about cover letters is important, because it will lead you to write an excellent one.

You will find the following cover letter sample helpful:


Sample Cover Letter for Counseling Practicum



February 17, 2018

Mr. Brian Anderson
Human Resource Manager
Preferred Family Healthcare Inc.
198 66th Street SW
Long Island, NY16088


Dear Mr. Anderson:

I am very excited at the prospect of contributing in a counseling practicum capacity at Preferred Family Healthcare Inc., as I can assure you that this work is right down my alley. Holding a similar position at Treatment Assessment Screening Center, I have developed skills that I am sure that your facility will benefit from greatly.

The past year, I have spent in providing direct counseling, outreach, and crises intervention for the organization where I was working. My work involved providing both personal and group counseling to clients, by making good use of appropriate plans and full assessment intakes. I firmly believe that my experience and background, would enable me to make a significant contribution to your facility in the role of a counseling practicum, because I am a professional when it comes to building educational curriculums which target psychoeducation, and prevention efforts in health-related issues. Also, I can effectively provide leadership training, and serve academic communities as a resource person in areas of mental health-related topics.

I would like to be apart of an organization where my skills can be used to full capacity. I will call you soon to set up an interview date and time, so that I can highlight my skills as a counseling practicum in a more detailed manner.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Sharon Carter

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