Psychology Counseling Resume Sample

Updated on: July 24, 2019

How to Write a Psychology Counseling Resume?

Compiling all the information you need

Always begin by compiling the information you will need.

This includes a list of your professional experience with exact dates, your job-relevant qualifications, academic details and the like.


Organize all the information into categories and sections

The next step is organizing the information into relevant sections. The typical sections of a resume include contact, summary, experience, and education.

Format and proofread your resume

Select an impressive format for your resume and insert all the information. Check your resume for errors and ask a friend to proofread it as well.



The following is a psychology counseling resume sample for your guidance.

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Psychology Counseling Resume Sample



Jocelyn Jacob
544 Rainbow Ave, Laredo, TX 54330
(000) 956-8014
jocelyn @ email . com

A dedicated psychological counselor with 6+ years’ experience in psychotherapy as well as individual, couple and groups counseling. Substantial knowledge of modern and contemporary counseling techniques pertaining to various psychological perspectives. Particularly effective in stress and anger management, behavior control techniques and family therapy.

• Resolved high level of conflict in a chronic patient by implementing a combined approach based on humanistic and cognitive-behavioral treatments
• Offered counseling to an interracial family on the verge of being broken effectively and contributed to making the home a happy one
• Pioneered in mental health counseling at the campus by setting up the first independent mental health counseling center in collaboration with the university’s existing vocational guidance cell


Counselor (Psychology)
Doctor’s Hospital, Laredo, TX | April 2011 – Present

• Develop an effective rapport with clients
• Assess, diagnose and counsel incoming clients
• Develop an appropriate plan of action and execute the same utilizing expertise and acquired skills in psychological counseling

Mental Health Counselor
University of Texas, Laredo, TX | April 2007 – March 2011

• Provided counseling services to the individuals in need of it based on teacher’s identification
• Welcomed walk-in students in need of mental health counseling and offered productive services
• Maintained the confidentiality at all times


Bachelor of Science in clinical psychology
Community College, Laredo, TX | 2007