Targeted Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: April 12, 2018

All-purpose and general resume objectives do not work anymore. A resume that does not reflect a candidate’s ability to perform job duties particular to the job he or she is applying for is not favored much. For instance, if you write a general resume objective statement such as the one below, your chances of getting a job may not be too great!

Looking for a position that will help me apply my skills in a highly stimulating environment.

What is wrong with this? Plenty! Firstly, it is not targeted at all; it is general, does not specify the position being applied for or any skills and has no mention of the company that the writer is writing to.

Targeted resumes tell employers that a candidate has taken out the time to understand the job description and has tailored the resume to it. It is important to:

➜ Address a given job opportunity by adapting your resume objective to it
➜ Use powerful words in the resume objective which will pique an employer’s interest
➜ Not mention weaknesses and play up strengths

Some examples of targeted resume objectives are given below which will help you understand how to write one for your resume.

Targeted Resume Objective Examples

• Well-organized and resourceful professional, looking for a position as an Administrative Assistant with Techno Bird utilizing extensive experience in handling cross-departmental functions to provide effective clerical and administrative support to the department.

• Seeking a position as a Registered Nurse at Family Health Hospital using knowledge of providing direct patient care aimed at patient wellness and independence.

• Desire a Marketing Planning Specialist at Brilliant Buyers. Offering a broad base of marketing experience in developing effective marketing plans and strategizing campaigns.

• To work as a Guest Relation Officer at Hyatt. Bringing expertise in providing hospitality services to the hotel’s patrons in order to ensure guest retention and recurring business.

• A position as a Content Writer at ABC Company employing excellence in writing different types of content with a particular focus on reaching out to readers of diverse backgrounds.

• Seeking a Computer Technician position with Core Technologies where I can assist the company’s clients to install and troubleshoot their computer systems. Offering exceptional knowledge of popular hardware and software maintenance activities along with a great ability to manage system security issues.


You will notice that each of the resume objectives above is written in the following format:

Position applied for – Company applied to – Skills needed to do the job

This is a perfect pattern to follow when writing a resume objective! Happy job hunting!