Reading Specialist Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: February 26, 2018

You know that you are in a quandary if you have been told that your resume objective is not up to the mark.

As the objective marks the beginning of your resume, it can be quite disheartening to know that you have not been able to begin your resume according to what an employer wants.

But there is no need to worry. It is just writing on paper and can be erased and rewritten.

Here is the thing about resume objectives – they talk to employers. And tell a lot of secrets about the candidate that they are representing. This is good and bad.

Good because this means that you can write a lot to make yourself come across as someone who is perfect for the job that he has applied for. And bad because if you do not provide substantial information in an objective, your resume will not be read further, even if it is written quite eloquently.

The fact that objectives can take resumes places can be taken advantage of. Think hard about what makes you a good candidate and match your abilities to the employer’s requirements. See how well you gel in. Once you know that you are as good a candidate as the employer wants you to be, you can write a resume objective that will be the envy of the lot!

And here are some examples of resume objectives written for a reading specialist position:


Sample Objectives for Reading Specialist Resume


• A highly accomplished and dedicated Reading Specialist looking for a position at Chain Academics. Bringing 3+ years’ extensive experience in serving as a teacher for students experiencing reading difficulties.

• Driven Reading Specialist seeking a position at Children’s Literacy Initiative. Strong vision to provide intervention services to encourage struggling readers. Highly motivated and exceptionally well-organized individual with a successful track record of implementing literacy programs.

• Seeking a Reading Specialist position with KIPP Academy using expertise in screening students to determine proper reading placements, and creating and implementing core reading programs to assist them in reaching their reading goals.

• Desire a position Reading Specialist position at Adam’s 12 Five Star Schools. Offers expertise in providing prescriptive and diagnostic services for students identified with reading difficulties, along with deep insight into creating designated reading programs.

• Highly experienced and well-organized Reading Specialist intending to find employment with MAPSA utilizing skills in instructing students with special reading needs and limitations.

• Eager to contribute to Warrendale Charter Academy in the capacity of Reading Specialist. Offering + years’ hands-on experience in evaluating literacy programs and making needed recommendations, along with working on a one-on-one basis with students with reading difficulties.