Apprentice Hairdresser Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 11, 2022

In order to apply for a job as a hairdresser, it is essential to obtain a hairdressing apprenticeship.

A new hairdresser gets a great chance to attain on-the-job training and understanding of the salon world through an apprenticeship.

Typically, apprentice hairdressers perform duties such as booking appointments, shampooing and drying hair, and mixing hair color.

They assist hairdressers in various duties while learning the trade. To find a hairdressing apprenticeship, you must have some training in-salon services, specifically hairdressing.

Mention of a diploma or training certificate in hairdressing on a cover letter can go a long way in getting you an apprenticeship position.

Sample Cover Letter for Hairdresser Apprenticeship

Delilah Albert
443 Sonja Drive, Knoxville, TN 66772
(000) 999-9876
delilah11 @ email . com

May 11, 2022

Ms. Lily Alexander
672 Lovell Road
Knoxville, TN 72801

Dear Ms. Alexander:

I have recently completed a Level 4 Diploma in Hairdressing from Hairvolution Training Center. Fulfilling this requirement of your salon to acquire an apprentice hairdresser position at Dreamfields, I would like to offer my services.

At the Hairvolution Training Center, I went through rigorous mock sessions post-training, which has prepared me well in the following areas:

– Cutting, washing, and setting hair
– Client preparation and education
– Using clippers, scissors, and trimmers in a safe manner
– Mixing and applying hair color
– Sterilizing salon instruments

I am aware of the fact that clients prefer a particular salon based 50% on the salon’s services and 50% on the hairdresser’s attitude. This information has gone a long way in helping me understand that positive client experiences are the key to recurring business and client retention.

My resume and a letter of recommendation are attached with this letter, which will help you decide my candidacy for this position. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you in person.

Thank you for your consideration.


Delilah Albert

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