Top 10 Office Administrator Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: March 6, 2023

Office administrators work in a supervisory role within an organization. They ensure that the office staff is working towards facilitating office operations. They work in different industries, businesses, and academic settings.

As part of their daily work duties, office administrators oversee the work of secretaries, assistants, and clerks. They provide support to the human resource and accounting departments by providing needed information.

They also manage budgets and supplies and liaison with service providers and suppliers. A significant part of an office administrator’s job is to administer clients’ appointments and enforce office protocols.

The work of an office administrator encompasses many aspects of office operations. A multitude of skills is needed to be able to perform these tasks; the ability to work with confidential data and handle complex issues are just two of the many skills needed to complete this job correctly.

People who wish to apply for an office administrator job may be interested in the following resume objective examples for their resume.

Sample Objectives for Office Administrator Resume

Experienced Office Administrator Objectives

1. Detail-oriented and driven individual, poised to work as an Office Administrator for Zealous Inc. Offering a solid track record of enforcing office protocols to run smooth office functions.

2. To obtain employment as an Office Administrator with ABC Company where experience in inter-departmental coordination, procedure enforcement, and expenditure minimization will be used to regularize workflow within the organization.

3. Seeking an Office Administrator position with Core Technologies using knowledge of preparing documentation and budgets and coordinating the workflow between departments.

4. Poised to contribute as an Office Administrator at Interflow Communication with an aim to handle the company’s administrative functions professionally.

5. To work as an Office Administrator with Wichita Central using detail orientation, excellent organization skills, and the ability to manage priorities targeted at managing smooth office operations.

6. An Office Administrator position with Zipcar where a demonstrated ability to take the initiative and follow-through skills will be used to handle the company’s managerial tasks in a professional manner.

7. To obtain employment as an Office Administrator with Caleb Hall Inc. using exceptional administrative, accounting, and human resource skills to provide the company with support in coordinating administrative efforts between departments.

Entry-Level Office Administrator Objectives

8. Looking for a position as an Office Administrator at Zale Corporation using expansive knowledge of performing office management tasks to meet the daily objectives of the office.

9. Passionate college graduate seeking a position as an Office Administrator with Cintas. Bringing a strong understanding of supervision and coordination duties to ensure smooth office operations.

10. Enthusiastic to work as an Office Administrator for Quick Construction. Offering expertise in managing supportive administration tasks aimed at assisting all departments within the organization.