Why a Cover Letter Must Be Targeted? Complete Guide

Updated: April 24, 2022

Writing a targeted cover letter can be the hardest thing you ever have done.

A lot of people want to write one standard cover letter for a resume and have that relate to every job they apply for. But, unfortunately, this trick seldom works.

In fact, your cover letter must be customized as per the needs of the specific employer.

When you take a seat to write a cover letter, take time to send sure bits of information.

In order to make your cover letter targeted, you must answer the employer’s question, “Why should I hire you?”

It should take hold of the hiring committee’s attention and assist them to see why you, on top of everyone else, should be considered for the job.

The following is the overview of a targeted cover letter format:

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How to Write a Targeted Cover Letter?

Opening Paragraph

The first paragraph is supposed to be the “why I’m writing to you” paragraph.

You need to tell the employer how you heard regarding the position if it’s a joint contact; no need to speak that you saw the job online.

Use this paragraph to quickly tell them why you are particularly interested in the position and the specific organization.


The second paragraph is, “Why I’m qualified.” Tell them about your relevant experiences and qualities that directly relate to the position.

Give them a few precise examples of your accomplishments with figures to support your claims. This is the section that needs to be twisted for every employer.

The opening sentence of the second paragraph needs to be a forceful starter. Hiring managers read plenty of letters, and your letter needs to be noticeable.

Don’t just repeat the verbiage on your resume. Give them an instance of your experience that makes you are different from the rest of the applicants.

The final sentence is an outline of what you have told them. This is when I would say something like, “As a result, I feel I would be a strong candidate for the position of Manager with ABC company.” Bring the reader back to thinking regarding you working for their company.

Closing Paragraph

Finally, the very last paragraph is a small two to four-sentence paragraph. Refer to your resume together with this, request an interview, and let them make out you will be in touch within the next week. Remember to thank them for their time and consideration.

Quick Tips

Keep away from using too many sentences that start with “I.” In its place, make yourself the subject of every sentence, such as, “With this experience, I demonstrated…”

Check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and sign your letter. Let the individual know you cared to sign and verify that the letter was tailored to them.

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