QA Tester Resume Objectives

Updated on: March 16, 2017

It is no mystery that objectives rock resumes. A resume that lacks an objective is almost always ignored by employers who would rather look at the beginning of the document to see what the rest of the resume holds, than read the whole (sometime more than 2 pages) document. An objective has a comforting effect on the employer as it helps him or her understand what the candidate is all about. And how well he or she gels in with the requirements of the position at which he or she may be hired eventually.

There is very little evidence that resumes without objectives make it to the “to be interviewed” pile. Unless you are applying for a first job, a resume objective will not contain information of your last academic degree. But apart from this, it will possess a hint of everything else, including skills, qualifications and sometimes, your achievements. Before you sit down to write your resume, make sure that you have a good understanding of your capabilities, and how you need to word them. Make your resume objective worth the employer’s time by saying what benefits you offer. Your objective should be selfless, making you come across as someone who was born to serve the particular company where you have applied.

Here are some examples of resume objectives that a QA tester can use:

QA Tester Resume Objectives

• Highly analytic, resourceful and logical individual, presently seeking a QA Tester position at Prequels. Offering a 7-plus-year track record of creating and implementing test cases to ensure that the company’s software applications are in sync with quality standards and protocols.

• Top performing QA Tester with over 2 years of experience, looking for a position at 360 IT Professionals providing benefit of developing test plans for product management. Highly effective in designing and supporting user interface testing applications and regression testing software.

• Seeking a position as a QA Tester at Gree utilizing expertise in executing quality assurance test plans for functionality and device compatibility, and verifying and communicating test results on multiple environments and platforms.

• Desire a position as a QA Tester at Drake Enterprises. Bringing 5+ years’ hands-on experience in planning, designing and executing test cases and test plans for functional, system and regression compliance testing purposes.

• Exceptionally talented QA Tester, with deep familiarity with creating and executing test plans and test cases to ensure quality assurance, presently seeking a position at Frequence. Eager to apply exceptional comprehension of actively participating in QA process enhancements, with special focus on finding, researching and reporting bugs.