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Updated November 30, 2021
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Your cover letter is your opportunity to show the employer what value you can add to their organization.

Never rephrase your resume in your cover letter for the Home Health Care RN position. 

Ideally, a Home Health Care RN cover letter is one page long, so do not waste the precious space in summarizing your work experiences.

Instead, use it creatively to relate your profile to the needs of the employer.

Good cover letters contain numbers and statistics to support the candidate’s claims.

If you have some achievements that can be quantified, make sure you mention the same in your letter.

Here is a well-written sample cover letter for a home health care registered nurse resume.

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Customizing your RN cover letter’s tone to suit the employer’s needs is very important.

Home Health Care Registered Nurse Cover Letter Example

Laura McKenzie, RN
760 Olive Lane, Lowell, MA 65457 
(004) 521-9654

November 30, 2021

Mr. Edward Gilbert
HR Manager
Home Health Care Providers
560 Providence Ave
Lowell, MA 65457

Dear Mr. Gilbert:

As a very compassionate nursing professional with ten years’ hands-on experience, I possess the proven skills and drive to care for patients in their homes. I have a verifiable track record in bedside care, medicine administration, IV administration, catheter care, and hygiene maintenance.

Some of my key attributes include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a current MA state RN license.
  • Demonstrated skills in assessing patients’ conditions, recording medical histories, and observing patients.
  • Successfully administers medicines and treatments and sets up plans for care.
  • Proficient in operating and monitoring medical equipment, performing diagnostic tests and analyzing results

Being a self-directed health care professional, my ability to work under minimal supervision has been commended many times by managers. Owing to my dedication and commitment to the provision of high-quality bedside care, I earned the Nurse of the month award four times during the last three years.

The attached resume will give you further insight into my nursing talents. I am confident that a meeting would help me demonstrate that my exceptional patient care skills will be a worthy addition to your healthcare team.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Laura McKenzie, RN
(004) 521-9654
Attachment. Resume

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