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Updated on November 14, 2015

A runner doesn’t win a race without training – a job seeker doesn’t get an interview without laying some solid groundwork. It is actually preparation and not key credentials that are the real key to success.

Similarly, home health aide cover letters have to be written after a lot of thought. When you understand how important this part of the job application process is, you automatically end up writing a killer cover letter.

Step 1 is to deconstruct the job description provided in the advertisement that you are replying to. Make a list of required skills and qualifications that the employer has asked for. Ask yourself:

• Who is the company intending to target?
• Do you have what the company is looking for?

The next step is to contemplate the company by looking into its areas of strength and focus. Explore the following:

• What is the company’s corporate culture?
• Who are its competitors?
• How stable is the company?

Step 3 includes investigating the industry by fleshing out the answers for the following:

• What are the latest developments in the industry?
• What new trends are being forecasted?
• How is the current economy affecting the industry?

Do you believe that these observations are too deep? Perhaps. However, they do serve a purpose. By delving deep into these, you will have such a thorough understanding of the company and the industry that it operates in, that you will be able to write a cover letter, covering all its aspects.

Want to look through a sample? Here you go!


Home Health Care Aide Cover Letter Sample


Caitlyn Banner
698 S 8th Street
Tampa, FL 28002
(333) 333-3333
Caitlyn @ email . com

November 14, 2015

Mr. James King
Hiring Manager
Tiffany Home Health Care
10 Neal Drive
Tampa, FL 23212


Dear Mr. King:

I genuinely enjoyed meeting you at the Diply Fundraising event last Tuesday and learning more about Tiffany Home Health Care and the patients that you serve. As you suggested, I have taken a few days to research all the work that your organization has done since its inception in 2002 and I am seriously impressed. I mentioned that I am presently looking for a home health care aide position and after researching your facility, I can only say one thing – I have found my dream company!

Believing strongly that I can help patients by providing them with dedicated patient care and emotional support, I am positive that you will be interested in what I have to say. Would you also be interested in an individual who can provide a series of in-house trainings to your team of home health aides?

Please contact me at (333) 333-3333 if you are interested. Alternately, I will be in touch with you regarding an interview next week.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Caitlyn Banner

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