Animal Science Internship Resume Sample

Updated on December 9, 2018

An internship is usually the first step an individual takes in the line of developing a solid career in the animal science field.

Internships prepare people for the real world – the intricacies of work, organizational structures and the overall “tricks of the trade” are all shown to an individual at this level.

That is why when you apply for an internship, you have to make sure that you sell yourself thoroughly – through your resume.

The primary purpose of a resume for Animal Science internship is to get you an interview.

When writing your resume for animal science internship, include precise information which is relevant to the veterinary position.

Keep away from listing every job you’ve ever had.

You may also consult your Career Counselor to review your resume.



Animal Science Internship Resume Example



Jennifer Holmes

5285 Stony Avenue ● Wayside, WV 98715 ● (000) 142-7847 ● jenny.holmes @email .com


• A scientific-minded individual with great exposure to performing research activities in a bid to assist the livestock industry to improve and flourish
• Highly-developed skills in handling biotechnical concepts to develop livestock so that it can effectively withstand modern diseases
• Proven ability to conduct detailed research regarding animal nutrition, breeding and to improve processes associated with both
• Adept at determining nutritional needs of animals through performing detailed studies to ensure optimum nutritive values of animal feeds
• Proficient in developing and implementing improved practices in feeding, housing, and disease control to ensure the well-being of livestock
• Well-versed in translating research findings into meaningful business opportunities to create a niche in the livestock market


– Animal Health Assessment– Disease Diagnosis
– Livestock Artificial Insemination– Crossbreeding
– Controlled Animal Selection– Traits Heritability
– Disease Control / Prevention– Genetic Compositions
– Customer Service– Scientific Research Methodologies

WAYSIDE UNIVERSITY, Wayside, WV | Expected date of Graduation: July 2019
Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Sciences and Industry
Cumulative GPA: 3.23/4.00


KRAFT HEINZ COMPANY, Wayside, WV | Summer 2018
Animal Science Intern
• Conducted detailed research on livestock to determine the presence and cause of diseases.
• Researched animal genetics and nutritional reproduction to assist in implementing effective ways of keeping livestock healthy.
• Assisted in developing and implementing effective ways of producing and processing meat, poultry, eggs, and milk.
• Assisted crossbreeding animals and determining appropriate housing for animals and lowering death rates.
• Disposed of waste materials properly by ensuring that appropriate waste disposal methods are followed.

Matt and Virginia Heist Scholarship – 2014
Glenn R. Kean Commemorative Scholarship – 2013
99th Little Worldwide Champion Showman  – 2012
National Society of Collegiate Scholars – Current

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