22 Summary of Qualifications Statements for Receptionist Resume

Updated: September 26, 2021

The summary of qualifications section of a Receptionist Resume outlines the transferable skills and abilities of a person as reflected in their personality or employment history.

It is the first section listed on a receptionist’s resume and must sum up skills in five to six bullet points.

In fact, it is also a place where qualities, such as punctuality and sincerity, can be conveyed to the prospective employer that would otherwise not appropriate under the work experience section.

The following are some sample summaries of qualifications phrases for a receptionist’s resume.

You may select some of these statements to build your receptionist resume.

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Receptionist Summary of Qualifications

  1. Highly skilled in greeting guests courteously and professionally.
  2. Well-versed in managing a busy multiple-line switchboard with three queues and a paging system.
  3. Handling numerous incoming calls simultaneously.
  4. Demonstrated ability to answer queries of visitors and direct them to the right person.
  5. Committed to providing exceptional customer service to clients and coworkers.
  6. Excellent knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures.
  7. Adept at giving accurate and detailed information to visitors and callers.
  8. Able to handle demanding clients tactfully.
  9. Expert user of MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and front desk software applications.
  10. Exceptional talent for scheduling appointments, managing calendars, and maintaining conference rooms.
  11. Proven record of performing clerical duties such as scanning, photocopying, and collating.
  12. Thorough understanding of monitoring visitors’ accesses and issuing passes.
  13. Extremely capable of keeping the reception area clean and organized.
  14. Expert in ordering, receiving, and maintaining office supplies.
  15. Proficient in using a CRM software system to provide customers with exceptional services.
  16. Verifiable success in collecting and delivering internal mail, organizing shipments, and handling emails.
  17. Known for managing confidential and priority documents.
  18. Firsthand experience in coordinating special events and team meetings.
  19. Ability to provide general office admin support.
  20. Proven team player who can work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.
  21. Unique talent for remaining calm during busy hours.
  22. Very mature and professional attitude with a strong work ethic.

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