Executive Receptionist Resume Summary Samples

Updated on: July 28, 2018

No resume should be made to go out in the big world of employment without the summary posing as an umbrella.

A resume summary is a required part of the document, and cannot be omitted based on what an applicant thinks is comfortable.

If your resume for Executive Receptionist position boasts a summary, there is a considerable chance that the hiring manager will read the entire document, or at least, get a good whiff of what you are capable of doing at the workplace.

Executive receptionist resume summaries are notoriously difficult to write. But that does not mean that they can be left out, or replaced with another portion. Since summaries mark the beginning of the resume, they have to be able to say a lot. They should introduce the candidate to the prospective employer, by highlighting all that the former is capable of doing.

Writing a resume summary will require you to gather information about your skills and competencies, and how they relate to the requirements of the prospective employer. You will have limited space for your summary, so make sure that you write well, and not too much. Remember that your content needs to be positive, and should outline what you are capable of doing while at the workplace.

For an executive receptionist position, the following resume summaries should suffice:

Executive Receptionist Resume Summary Examples

• Resourceful, competent, and highly organized individual with over six years of experience in providing administrative and clerical support to executive units. Demonstrated ability to develop, design, and implement core filing and record-keeping systems, placing a special focus on accuracy and confidentiality of documents.

• Executive receptionist with 9+ years’ extensive experience in providing tier-1 services to a unit of executives. Highly skilled in manning PABXs, creating and maintaining filing systems, overseeing reception neatness and security, and handling supplies and equipment management work.

• Competent, qualified, resourceful, and proficient executive receptionist boasting 8 years of experience in a business setting. Documented success in efficiently answering calls, relaying messages, and transferring calls, and providing assistance to executives with administrative and clerical work.

• Service-oriented, meticulous and detail-oriented Executive Receptionist with exceptional skills in providing clerical and administrative support to executive units. Highly experienced in interacting effectively with both internal and external visitors and maintaining the highest level of confidentiality in all matters.

• Self-reliant and dependable executive receptionist with the demonstrated expertise of working under tight deadlines. Highly experienced in assisting executive leadership with the creation and preparation of presentation materials, and arrangement of travel and accommodation.