Top 6 Summary of Qualifications for Clerical Resume

Updated on: April 18, 2021

Whether it is a movie, a play, a song, a letter, or a resume, the opening is very important.

In all these instances, the opening decides if the piece is worth reading or listening to.

We anticipate a good movie when we see a solid opening.

Believe it or not, employers feel the same way when they pick up a resume. A resume that begins abruptly, with no sign of an ice breaker is considered a terrible piece of writing.

The summary of qualifications is used especially to take the abruptness out of the resume and to provide employers with an introduction. It has stuck and for good reason.

These three or four lines provide employers with a crux of the information that you have detailed in the rest of the resume.

So if the employer does not have time to read what you have written in the long resume, he can decide your suitability by reading the summary.

It is a foolproof method to get you into the groove with prospective employers.

However, it does not work if you do not write the summary of qualifications in an eloquent manner.

You have everything to lose if you write a bad summary. Be cautious! Stick to the rules of writing a summary of qualifications.

To give you an example of how one is written, here is a list of summaries of qualifications for a clerical resume:

6 Summary of Qualifications for Clerical Resume

1. Adaptable and organized Clerk with exceptional expertise in performing administrative work to ensure smooth office operations. Adept at handling research work and recording and updating company databases. ‘Can-do’ attitude with a strong commitment to work in a team environment to make a contribution to the success of the office.

2. Versatile and well-organized clerical professional with over 10 years of experience in handling office filing and records keeping systems. Proficient in preparing meeting packages, recording and transcribing minutes of meetings, and word processing manuscripts and proposals. Works well under pressure to meet tight deadlines. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

3. Reliable and hardworking Clerk with a proven track record of handling complex filing systems, correspondence, and travel arrangements, and ensuring prompt action on all. Competent in scheduling and following up on appointments and maintaining a high level of accuracy in preparing and documenting information. Known for detail orientation and punctuality.

4. Highly motivated and energetic individual, known for exceptional communication skills. Highly skilled in creating and managing office filing systems and managing day to day operations to ensure smoothness of work processes.

5. Self-motivated, dependable Office Clerk with a high-energy background in a fast-paced environment. Able to handle complex clerical and administrative tasks to assist in the operational suaveness of the office.

6. Self-directed and detail-oriented Clerk with a genuine interest in ensuring that office operations procedures are managed in a practical manner. Focused on providing exceptional clerical support to ensure a well-managed office area.