A recommendation letter for a Medical Receptionist position is issued from an office bearer for the benefit of a student or an ex-employee.

Needless to say, recommendation letters need to hold glowing content for the person it is being written for as it is used as a tool to acquire a job.

Get idea from the sample below when writing a reference letter of a Medical Receptionist.



Medical Receptionist Recommendation Letter Example


September 22, 2013


To Whom It May Concern

It is with great pleasure that write this letter of recommendation for Josie James. I was quite impressed with Josie’s enthusiasm and professionalism when she first came to work for my department as a Receptionist four years ago. Since then, she has made it a point to surprise me and make me proud with her accomplishments in bringing the operations at NHS Medical Facility to its zenith.

Josie was a very reliable individual who never disappointed any of her colleagues or seniors. She was able to ensure that all her targets are fulfilled well before deadlines. With her friendly and compassionate nature, she kept the patients happy while maintaining a strict professional attitude. Her enthusiasm and hard work motivated her coworkers to perform with the same dedication in order to meet the facility’s targets.

As an organized and diligent worker, she exceeded all expectations and I find myself feeling very sad at the prospect of her leaving this facility. However, I am confident in her abilities to work industriously towards her goals and wish her the very best for her future. I would be happy to provide any further details in order to assist her getting new job successfully.




Carl Heimes, Senior Administrator

NHS Gealthcare
24 New Street
Austin, TX 63255
(777) 777-7777
carl.heimes @ nhs . com