Housemaid Recommendation Letter Sample


In order to build an effective recommendation letter for you ex-housemaid, you should write the talents of housemaid honestly but positively. A reference that paints an unrealistic picture or focuses on negative qualities of an applicant may be harmful.

Below is a standard recommendation letter sample for housemaid. You may include some more points in order to make a recommendation letter for your housemaid.

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Housemaid Recommendation Letter Sample


October 28, 2017


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to recommend Christina Preece for the position of Housemaid at your home. I am sure that she will be a proven asset to your family.

I first met Christina when she was working as a housemaid at my friend’s home. For previous three years working for our home until she left, she had performed such amazing job that she was given a 50% increment in her salary. Christina is speedy at learning, very lively and painstaking.

She is very enthusiastic and always ready to take new challenges and responsibilities. She is competent at attentively carrying out all household duties such as laundry, cooking, childcare, aged care, cleaning and housekeeping. She has a special talent for remaining courteous and polite to all members of family and behaving in a friendly manner at all times.

I a confident that Christina shall definitely turn out to be a very valuable asset to your home like she was to ours. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like any additional information regarding her qualifications and skills.



Maria jason
69 Walt Street
New York, NY 10208
(000) 989-8585

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