2 Psychology Intern Resume Samples [+Writing Tips]

Updated on: October 7, 2020
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How to Write a Good Resume for Psychology Internship Position?
  1. Start your resume with an objective statement by showcasing a few of your selling skills.
  2. Write short sentences and bullet points to enhance the format.
  3. Keep the formatting consistent and don’t make it too fancy.
  4. Use simple English. Do not use complicated words that call for a dictionary.
  5. Divide your resume into well-segregated sections, so it is easy to read.
  6. Do not miss out any volunteer work you have done.

Psychology Intern Resume Example 1

Jocelyn Hector
655 Tiara Towers, Tomball, TX 45626
 (000) 455-5212
[email protected]

To obtain an Applied Psychology internship in clinical/research settings where skills and knowledge regarding therapeutic interventions and psychological research could come in handy.

B.S, Clinical Psychology
American Institute of Psychology, Tomball, TX | In Progress

A.S, Applied Psychology
State College of Social Sciences, Tomball, TX 

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities
• Communication
• Obtaining history
• Behavioral interventions
• Group therapy 
• ICD 9 diagnostic
• DSM IV criteria
• Diagnostic tests
• Experimental research 
• Conducting research
• Experimental designs
• Statistical concepts
• APA guidelines


Red Cross, Tomball, TX 
• Spent time with flood-affected victims coming in the refugee camps
• Screened the victims for PTSD
• Devised and implemented group and individual sessions to minimize the impacts of shock and stress

Psychology Intern Resume Sample 2

Alan Shore
459 Firefly Sq, Columbus, GA 71009
(000) 564-3432
[email protected]


Seeking an internship in clinical psychology with an organization that could utilize the expertise and acquired skills in history taking, diagnosis, and counseling.

• Able to administer various psychological diagnostic tests and issue appropriate reports
• Proven skills in keeping patient data organized in the form of charts and tables
• Demonstrated ability to conduct therapeutic research
• Well versed in carrying out an initial assessment and developing diagnosis based on the same
• Familiar with DSM IV diagnostic guidelines and ICD 9 coding system
• Particularly effective in taking detailed case histories and documenting the same as per APA standards

B.S., Clinical Psychology
Community College, Columbus, GA | In progress

– Learning and Behavior
– Cognitive Psychology
– Functional MRI
– Brain and Emotion
– Sensation and Perception
– Applied Behavioral Psychology
– Behavior Analysis and Autism
– Cognitive Neuropsychology


Mini Research Project (PTSD) | May 2020
• Conducted a mini-research project to study differential symptoms of PTSD among survivors of a deadly earthquake who lost a loved one to it and issued a detailed report suggesting group treatment strategies for the same

Clinical Survey Report | August 2019
• Developed mainstreaming model for children with learning disabilities particularly dyslexia based on a comprehensive research sampling 50 + cases of learning disabilities


Volunteer Counselor
Volunteers of America, Columbus, GA | Summer 2020

• Proficient in facilitating and conducting group, couples, and family therapy sessions
• Competent at maintaining an updated knowledge base by proactive following of scholarly journals documenting clinical research
• Substantial knowledge of behavioral, psychodynamic, cognitive, and humanistic approaches to counseling

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