The position of an account specialist is often confused with that of an accounts specialist. They may sound similar but they cannot be more different. While an account specialist deals solely with customer accounts in order to meet a particular sales objective, accounts specialists are professionals who are savvy with the accounting procedures of a company. There is a world of difference between the two.

Let us talk about what account specialists do. Account specialists create and maintain meaningful professional relationships with clients so that the company can meet its sales objectives. Most account specialists are given their own personal sales targets to meet and they employ a variety of tactics to make sure that they meet or exceed the goals assigned to them.

Account specialists spend a lot of time on the telephone, answering questions put to them by potential and existing clients. They may work in any setting such as retail or financial depending on what their specific interests and strengths are. To understand what an account specialist actually does, let us refer to the list of job duties associated with this position.

Sample Job Description for Account Specialist Resume

• Confer with clients regarding the status of the accounts

• Provide clients information about what their account consists of and how they can build up on it

• Act as a primary back up source for the sales department in providing account solutions to clients

• Provide recommendations to clients in terms of bolstering quality and minimizing costs

• Solicit new customers in a bid to convert them into patrons

• Communicate with customers in person by providing them with account related information and suggestions

• Act as a primary contact for billing purposes especially delinquent accounts

• Follow up on defaulters by calling them or emailing them and providing installment plans where appropriate

• Investigate reasons for clients’ dissatisfaction or complaints with a view to resolve problems

• Ensure that quality of service provided to clients by monitoring and observing account managers’ adherence to service standards

• Collect and analyze key account information to prepare accurate reports for senior management

• Ensure that client deliverables are in harmony with the company’s protocols and service standards

• Train new and existing staff in handling account management tasks

• Conduct orientations and presentation for new clients to educate them with the company’s policies and services

• Coordinate deals with clients by providing them with accurate and appropriate information of transactions

• Develop client account contracts and provide clients with assistance in understanding terms and conditions