7 Psychology Intern Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 6, 2020
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Research has shown that objective statements are more effective when one has no experience in hand, as in the case of internships. There are many exciting formats that candidates use for objective formation.

How to Write a Great Objective for Psychology Internship?

The first step in writing a Psychology Internship resume objective is to find the job description provided by the recruiter. Once you know what they want, offer them your relevant Psychology skills and knowledge. 

You might consider building an objective in a summary format. For this, you need to mention your core competencies while stating your desired position. Such objectives are more popular these days than the traditional ones.

Typically, objective statements are not longer than two sentences; however, if you are opting for a summary-like format (examples follow), then you might take up to five lines.

Sample Objectives for Psychology Intern Resume

1. Self-motivated, energetic individual, seeking a psychology internship at XYZ Company. Eager to bring a positive change in the lives of the resident psychiatric patients to contribute effectively to the company’s mission.

2. Fresh, enthusiastic psychology graduate looking for an internship with AAA Company utilizing remarkable interpersonal, rapport building, and counseling skills.

3. To obtain an internship in psychology, where skills in crisis management and counseling could productively come into practice. Eager to contribute to the betterment of the hiring organization.

4. To work as a psychology intern at APA Health Clinic. Offering extensive knowledge of mental health and therapeutic intervention protocols.

5. A dynamic and highly motivated psychology graduate, seeking an internship with ABC Company. Offers specialized training in CBT.

6. A hardworking and enthusiastic student, pursuing a BS in clinical psychology seeking an internship with XYZ. Particularly competent in psychological assessment and clinical diagnosis.

7. A diligent individual seeking an internship in clinical psychology. Skilled in psychological assessment and diagnosis, therapeutic interventions, case study, and clinical research.

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