Psychology Intern Cover Letter Sample

Updated on October 6, 2019

Psychology Intern Cover Letter Page ImageWriting an influencing psychology intern cover letter and resume is the first and most crucial step in obtaining a Psychology internship.

Starting your Psychology intern cover letter may seem a little overwhelming, especially because you have no experience in hand.


I order to make an effective cover letter, you have to customize it as per the requirements of the company you are applying at. 

Specifically, you have to include the following points in your cover letter:

  • Background and education in the field of psychology.
  • Customer service, communication and people skills.
  • Ability to interface with individuals of all age groups.
  • Talent to address individual’s who are in crisis or are at high risk.
  • Thorough understanding of statistics and normative data.
  • Productive time management skills.
  • Leadership qualities and personal characteristics to work effectively with clients.

The following sample will prepare you to make a unique cover letter and get the psychology internship you’re aiming for.



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Psychology Intern Cover Letter Sample


Marie Dew
(000) 300-8799

October 6, 2019

Ms. Julie Andrew
Internship Coordinator
Mosaic Community Services
6521 Some New Street
Orem, UT 62331


Dear Ms. Andrew:

Please accept this letter as an application for a Psychology Internship at Mosaic Community Services. I am a senior at the University of Utah, currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Psychology. My skills and education make me a strong contender for your internship program.

As can be seen in the attached resume, my classroom assignments, coupled with project experiences, have equipped me to perform counseling, crisis intervention, and psychological assessments. Additionally, I have a great ability to work with people who are facing psychological problems, including children, adolescents, pre-marriage/married couples, and older adults.

Furthermore, I have substantial knowledge of screening clients while following mental health laws and HIPAA privacy practices. These capabilities would enable me to contribute to the success of Mosaic Community Services.

In addition to my coursework and work experiences, I possess the patience, honesty, exceptional work ethics, and excellent communication skills. I have attached my resume and recommendation letters from professors and service supervisors in order to support my application.

I will call your office after two weeks to follow-up and provide any additional information. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you soon.




Marie Dew
(000) 300-8799

Attachment. Resume




Bottom Line

Remember, do not just copy and paste this Psychology Intern Cover Letter Sample. It is in your best interest to customize it to suit your needs.

Feel free to add, change, and adjust elements so that your cover letter ultimately conveys your academic training, earlier job experience, skills, and present goals.

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