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Skill Set for Psychology Graduate

When you are an experienced individual (does not matter which area), you have a lot to say about your skills in a resume. When you are not, you may find yourself in a quandary where stating skills are concerned. There isn’t a lot to worry about. Even if the experience is not your best friend,… Read More »

School Psychologist Resignation Letter Sample

In the field of education, transitions are inevitable, and as a school psychologist, the decision to resign from a position is a significant one. A well-crafted resignation letter can help maintain professionalism and convey gratitude for the opportunities and experiences gained during one’s tenure. This sample resignation letter for a school psychologist offers a framework… Read More »

School Psychologist Intern Resume Example

When applying for a school psychologist intern position, make sure that your resume is free from errors. What are common mistakes in resumes? Let us look at a list:   Job description focused resume: Since our resume is about “us” and not the job description, we often make the mistake of rambling on about job… Read More »

Cover Letter for School Psychologist Internship

Many schools around the globe hire school psychologists to help them deal with students’ and teachers’ emotional and psychological needs. A lot of schools also hire interns alongside experienced school psychologists to help them learn on the job and be eventually offered a position. Trained psychologists looking for a school psychologist internship position must focus… Read More »

Psychology Counseling Resume Sample

How to Write a Psychology Counseling Resume? Compiling all the information you need Always begin by compiling the information you will need. This includes a list of your professional experience with exact dates, your job-relevant qualifications, academic details and the like.   Organize all the information into categories and sections The next step is organizing… Read More »