Psychology Undergraduate Resume Sample

Updated on: February 21, 2022

Psychology Undergraduate resumes need to be written with care.

That is because this is your only chance to shine in front of a prospective employer, and you cannot let it go.

Remember that the information in your resume is important on many levels, and you have to make sure that it is presented in a proper manner.

Resume writing involves many things, including the ability to include information that truly matters.

If you do not research the position in-depth, you may end up losing out on a chance to impress a hiring manager.

Find out what the position is all about and then use it to make a positive first impression on the person who will be reading it.

Here is a great example to guide you:

Psychology Undergraduate Resume Example

Raul Helsinki
732 Height Road, Denver, CO 27831
(000) 784-1245

Psychology undergraduate, with extensive knowledge of assisting individuals by producing plans to reduce stress, and improve their psychological well-being. Eager to work with patients suffering from a wide variety of mental and emotional states.

• Extensive comprehension of assessing clients’ needs and behavior, using a variety of methods such as interviews and direct observation.
• Able to devise and monitor appropriate treatment plans such as therapy and counseling.
• Proficient in developing and implementing evaluation systems to determine the efficacy of implemented programs.
• Adept at researching different methodologies used for client care, based on each client’s specific condition.

• Client Evaluation
• Program Development
• Analysis
• Therapy Development
• Behavior Management
• Counseling
• Research
• Coordinated Care
• Direct Observation

Colorado State University, Denver, CO
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – In progress
• Acted as the university counselor in the absence of the actual counselor, for 4 months.
• Consistently made the Dean’s list for 2 years, owing to exceptional academic performance in the discipline of psychology.


Planned Assistance, Denver, CO            
1/2022 – 2/2022
• Assisted in analyzing clients’ mental and emotional conditions through well-placed assessment programs.
• Provided clients with information on what to expect from their treatment, and how to ensure its efficacy.
• Created and maintained records of clients accurately and confidentially.
• Assessed the need for making changes to existing care plans, and suggested the required modifications.
• Provided clients with emotional support during incidents of outbursts, aimed at ensuring their emotional wellbeing.

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