Commercial Pilot Cover Letter Sample


A snoozing introduction of a cover letter for a Commercial Pilot might be fatal for your overall job hunt process. Do not waste time and space in stating where you found the ad. Instead, utilize the space for a unique and impressive opening statement.

Another thing you don’t want to mention in your cover letter is your irrelevant experience. You might be having impressive amount of experience in driving cars or mowing lawns, but these years of experience don’t count up to your potential as a pilot. Your cover letter is better off without mention of same.

Last but not the least, do not say anything negative about your previous or current employer! A candidate in habit of bad mouthing is probably the last person the hiring firm will consider to fill in any vacant position.


Commercial Pilot Cover Letter Sample


Jacques Mathew

76 S New River Ave | Las Vegas, NV 78444 | (009) 222-5555 | jacques @ email . com

February 26, 2015

Mr. Oliver Raymond
HR Manager, Spirit Airlines
544 Fiery Lane
Las Vegas, NV 78444


Dear Mr. Raymond:

Thanks to the 4+ years of experience I possess as a pilot with AB Airline which developed me as a successful pilot. I am well versed in general tasks required of a commercial pilot and fully understand the state issued safety principles that airlines need to comply with.

I am particularly well qualified for the position as the following highlights illustrate:

• Certified Commercial Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
• 6+ years hands on experience in aviation with 5000+ hours flight time as pilot in command
• Understanding of FAA regulations and flight guidelines
• Matchless navigation, appropriate altitude calculation and routing skills
• Expert in smooth single engine and multi engine landings
• Adept at aviating fixed wing crafts and turbo jets
• Record of maintaining working relationships with flight crew and ensuring their adherence to FAA on flight guidelines

I’d like to meet with you to demonstrate how this position has my name on it. I’ll call you next week to confirm your interest and to implore what your schedule allows in terms of a meeting date and time. In case you need to reach me sooner, I can be reached at (008) 333-5555.


Very sincerely yours,

Jacques Mathew

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