Garbage Truck Helper Resume Sample

Updated on: March 1, 2018


It is not only cover letters that need to be structured.

Garbage Truck Helper Resumes too need to be formatted appropriately, with relevant information highlighted.

Here is a resume sample to help you see how this can be managed:





Garbage Truck Helper Resume Example



Simon Page

33 14th Avenue NE, Watertown, SD 54778
(000) 875-6521


Highly competent and accomplished Garbage Truck Helper with extensive exposure to assisting garbage truck drivers in slinging garbage by following set protocols. Exceptionally talented in handling waste management duties, placing particular focus on timeliness and organization. Dexterous to move residential refuse and recyclables from the curb to the garbage truck.

Properly positions refuse cans back on customers’ properties while ensuring that lids are properly placed. Qualified to navigate assigned areas, using both standard maps and the GPS. Ensures that collection areas are clean by picking up any refuse that has fallen out of containers.


• Navigation • Refuse Collection • Garbage Disposal
• Recycling • Lever Operations • Hauls Management
• Toxicity Control • Safety Precautions • Hazardous Materials
• Refuse Cans Positioning • Dispatch Liaison • Customer Satisfaction

• Successfully handled refuse can picking duties for 1300 houses in one day.
• Devised a foolproof way of controlling toxic waste, earning the high commendation from the supervisor.
• Trained newly hired garbage truck helpers in handling slinging activities, as part of their induction program.
• Suggested use of advanced protective gear, resulting in fewer incidents of sicknesses.


Garbage Truck Helper
Freedom Disposal, Watertown, SD | 5/2013 – Present
• Assist the driver in mapping routes to assigned destinations, using the GPS and standard maps.
• Ascertain that the truck is in good working condition, before venturing out for the day.
• Move residential garbage cans and recyclable items from the curb and load it onto garbage trucks.
• Ascertain that garbage cans are appropriately positioned back on the curb as they were before.
• Make sure that collection areas are kept clean, picking up any loose or stray garbage.
• Navigate way to dumpsters, and ensure that all collected waste is correctly placed in receptacles.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with dispatch teams, updating them with current situations.
• Provide customers with information on proper garbage disposal techniques, upon request.

Garbage Helper
Green Earth, Watertown, SD | 2/2009 – 5/2013
• Assisted program managers by surveying assigned areas, and providing feedback about garbage disposal problems.
• Picked up garbage and disposed of it from in front of houses and commercial sectors.
• Ensured that all picked up waste was properly disposed of according to specified instructions.
• Provided education and information to customers regarding proper garbage disposal techniques.
• Assisted garbage truck drivers in navigating garbage pick-up destinations.

Watertown High School, Watertown, SD – 2009
High School Diploma