Billing Analyst Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 12, 2021
Position Overview

One of the primary duties of a billing analyst is to handle invoices- he or she works with sales personnel to ensure that invoices are generated once orders have been placed.

In some instances, billing analysts are usually the first point of contact for clients as well.

Financial analysis is another area where billing analysts work.

They make sure that invoicing activities coordinate with balance sheet reporting, and in cases of discrepancies, they ensure that they put their heads together with the accounting department to resolve the issue in an immediate manner.

Billing Analyst Qualifications

Many organizations hire Billing Analyst who possesses a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. However, your case will be stronger if you have a degree in accounting or finance.

To efficiently work in a billing analyst position, one has to possess exceptional knowledge of handling electronic billing systems and managing manual ones too.

Job Description for Billing Analyst Resume

• Collect and analyze data according to contract standards, and prepare invoices accordingly.
• Create, develop, maintain, and organize billing information in provided databases, to ensure invoice accuracy and integrity.
• Develop and maintain project reports, aimed at helping management track and monitor project progress.
• Respond to questions related to billing, accounts receivable, and work in progress, and produce correlating reports.
• Communicated with project managers to determine the proper costs to invoice on a periodic basis.
• Prepare client invoices ensuring that company procedures, terms and conditions, and clients’ requirements are met.
• Review contracts for each new project, and set up procedures and templates to administer invoicing.
• Record invoices into the accounting system, and reconcile and include sub-consultant billings for fees and reimbursable expenses.
• Work with cash receipts teams to reconcile variances that may arise in the application of cash and review of unallocated cash.
• Monitor cash receipts against sub-contractor billing tracker aimed at releasing payments to contractors.
• Ensure that all monthly activity is completed and is deemed accurate in the areas of client billing, accounts payable, and accounting system postings.