Accounts Payable Representative Resume Sample

Updated on: September 5, 2015


Resume writing is nothing less than a skill in itself. Some people have it, some don’t. For those who don’t, there are several resources that they can use to create resumes that are not in any way worse than those who are skilled resume writers. Professional resume writers can help them too. However, even when you ask for help, you do have to sit down with him or her to provide specific information regarding your skills and qualifications.

Whether you write your accounts payable representative resume for yourself or ask a professional to help you, it is only you who can gauge if the end result justifies you as a candidate. Read several job descriptions before you prepare your resume. And read the one in the job advert that you are answering to in detail. You cannot go wrong!

Lastly, look at the resume sample for an accounts payable representative to help you through:

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Accounts Payable Representative Resume Sample


Adam Poole

592 Church Street ● Burlington, VT 05412 ● (999) 999-9999 ● adampoole @ email . com


PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: Detail-oriented and conscientious individual with a solid track record of supporting bookkeeping, accounting and auditing functions. Adept at monitoring payment requests to ensure compliance to company policies. Demonstrated ability to reconcile processes accounting work by verifying entries and comparing reports

• Committed to bring excellence in reconciliation and auditing, to ensure integrity of accounting data
• Focused on accomplishing accounting and organization mission by carefully and competently carrying out accounts support work
• Hands-on experience in performing follow-up duties to ensure that outstanding amounts are paid and delinquent accounts are managed according to company policy


● Reconciliation ● Discrepancy handling ● Auditing
● Electronic transfers ● Vendor relations ● Procurement
● Payroll functions ● Tax management ● Budget management
● Bank relations ● Reporting ● Data entry

• Outlined 22 accounting loopholes (and corrected the processes) by performing intense internal audits
• Introduced Accounts Possible, an electronic accounts payable database system which decreased delinquent accounts information pulling by 50%
• Created a paper backup of all transactions to ensure that no information is lost in case of cyber disaster striking
• Trained 15 accounts payable staff members in different capacities for different roles within the accounts department


CENTENE CORPORATION, Burlington, VT (2011 – Present)
Accounts Payable Representative
• Verify invoice accuracy and account coding with company policies
• Ascertain that requests for payments are processed in a timely manner
• Monitor expense reports to ensure they comply with policies and payment process procedures
• Prepare invoice deduction notices and audit freight bills against manifests
• Reconcile discrepancies and ensure that they are resolved as early as possible
• Handle reconciliation for supplies purchase orders, by making sure that whatever is billed matches what is received
• Approve invoices for payments and contact vendors to resolve confusions or discrepancies
• Enter supplier invoices into accounts payable systems for processing
• Process supplier credits to ensure the efficacy of application

FOLLETE CORPORATION, Burlington, VT (2005 – 2011)
Accounts Payable Clerk
• Looked through delinquent accounts to determine what is owed to the company
• Contacted delinquent account holders to provide them with information on their account status
• Maintained liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure that their payments are made on time
• Assisted in processing invoices, check requests and expense reports for payments
• Review accounts payable documents for accuracy and correct any entries that may be questionable

Diploma in Accounting
Coursework: Principles of Accounting ~ Financial Mathematics ~ Payroll Accounting ~ Computer Accounting ~ Personal Finance

QuickBooks ~ MS Word and Excel ~ Comprehensive Spreadsheets