Wedding Planner Resume Sample

Updated on: December 8, 2021

If you enjoy planning events, you may be cut out for the position of wedding planner.

Being a wedding planner involves more aesthetics and organization than anything else.

One has to know how to handle wedding arrangements within a given budget and make sure that everything is done according to the client’s wishes.

Weddings are big days for a couple and their relatives which is why they want that everything goes well.

The wedding jitters and the many details that they need to handle can make them very nervous about the actual wedding. It is up to a wedding planner to handle these details.

When hiring a wedding planner, it is important to go through a resume in detail – the trick is to look for previous wedding planning projects and any accomplishments that a wedding planner may boast of.

If you are applying for a wedding planner position, the following resume sample and this cover letter for the wedding planner position can help you make one that is sure to get you the interview.

Sample Resume for Wedding Planner Position

Kim Kale
100 E Forest Road, Hyattsville, MD 12930
(000) 999-9123
kim @ email . com


Sales champion with a strong passion for customer service.


  1. Innovative, proactive event planning professional with a high-energy background in a fast-paced wedding management arena.
  2. Proven record of planning and execution of 500+ small and large weddings and corporate events.
  3. Outstanding written and verbal communication skills and superior presentation capabilities aimed at managing aesthetic weddings within designated budgets.
  4. Demonstrated ability to convert immediate inquiries into the confirmed business.
  5. Eager to exceed targeted levels of sales.


Wedding Planner
Nirvana Events Hyattsville, MD
• Confer with clients to determine their needs for planning wedding events.
• Determine allocated budgets and provide clients with information on what can be done within the budget.
• Provide clients with information on how a wedding event can be managed within the allocated budget.
• Accompany clients to different venues and assist them in choosing the right venue.
• Interview vendors and hire ones that meet the budget and need criteria.
• Ensure that all materials such as furniture, canopies, and supplies are available.
• Negotiate rates with vendors and make sure that catering details are handled properly.
• Play an active part in decorating the venue on the wedding day.
• Ensure that there is a backup in case of inclement weather.
• Run rehearsals with the bride and the groom in order to instruct them how to walk in on the big day.
• Arrange for flowers and other decorations and make sure that they are placed in a proper manner.
• Liaison with printers in order to manage printable material such as banners, invitation cards, and giveaway toppers.
• Make sure that giveaways are handed to guests at the end of the wedding.

Key Accomplishments
• Planned and executed a wedding event for 700 guests within three days of initial client contact.
• Stayed well within budget at most wedding events, allowing clients to save up a great deal.

Assistant Wedding Planner
J & S Wedding Planners, Hyattsville, MD
• Arranged for meetings with clients by calling or emailing them.
• Accompanied wedding planning team to the clients’ offices or houses to discuss details.
• Recorded client information and took down notes akin to clients’ needs.
• Assisted clients at the venue of choice by providing them with information on the venue and its limitations.
• Prepared and sent proposals to clients and handled follow-up activities.
• Kept in constant contact with vendors to ensure their presence and quality of work at the venue.
• Ensured that every detail is coordinated on the day of the wedding.

Key Accomplishments
• Introduced the idea of wedding favors to the company, thereby attracting more clientele.
• Reigned in a rollercoaster ride that involved handling a wedding event for 500 guests in a record time of 12 hours.

Bachelor in Fine Arts
Maryland State University, Hyattsville, MD 

– Sales techniques
– Third-party negotiation
– Clients’ loyalty maintenance
– Venue selection
– Bids solicitation
– Multiple events handling

• Event management software
• Word 
• PowerPoint
• Outlook
• Excel
• Database

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