Wedding Planner Cover Letter Sample

Updated on March 8, 2018

A cover letter for a wedding planner job is a vital document to go along with every resume and job application.

Cover letters give a chance to the candidates to highlight their major strengths and achievements to convince the hiring manager to read the enclosed resume.

To write a winning cover letter for the position of a wedding planner, following things must be kept in mind.

 • Start your letter by stating your keen interest in the wedding planner position.

 • If you are a certified wedding planner, make sure you mention it in the cover letter.

 • If you have had any previous work experience, then you need to specify your primary duties and how you contributed to the mission of the last employer.

 • Give a little insight of what inspired you to become a wedding planner.

Read a few cover letter samples and then compose one, or ask us to write it for you free of cost!


Sample Cover Letter for Wedding Planner Resume



Ruby Johnson
512 Derek Drive
Salem, OH 56334
(033) 466-9222

March 8, 2018

Ms. Eliza Richard, CEO
Brides and Grooms
28 Main Street, Dream Avenue
Salem, OH 56334


Dear Ms. Richard:

During my online job-search, I came across your advertisement for the position of Wedding Planner at Brides and Grooms. This job posting excited me a lot because my qualifications and experiences are in sync with your requirements.

As noted in the enclosed resume, I had been working as a wedding planner for three years with different companies as well as a freelance wedding planner. Through my experiences, I developed substantial expertise in all components of wedding planning; catering, venue decision, wedding themes, clothing, and client communication – and I enjoyed planning every single event. Some of my key competencies include planning weddings within a limited budget, record keeping, organizing meetings and handling photography. Over these years I have learned a lot about negotiating with clients and vendors keeping the revenue of the company in mind.

I planned and executed 100+ successful weddings, therefore, able to work single-handedly as well as being a part of a team. I have excellent communication skills and am very comfortable with the computer programs including Wedding Planning Software and MS Office Applications.

As a dynamic and efficient wedding planner, I’d like to meet with you to discuss my abilities which will be an asset for the growth and expansion of your company. To follow-up, I will call you next week.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ruby Johnson

Enc. Resume