Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on June 7, 2018

It is not too difficult to get to the interview for a Paralegal position, but it is quite challenging to get past it. This is because we usually get quite confident (or should we say overconfident?)

Getting to the interview stage does not necessarily mean that we will get the job too! So one must stay focused on how we intend to be successful in the interview.

There is little more important than preparation for an interview. If you have some idea of what you will be tested on, you can quickly prepare the answers.

This is easy if you have been through the job description carefully. If you know what an employer needs from you, you can quickly adapt your answers accordingly.

Interviews do not have to be scary prospects. They need to be dealt with intelligently. Being called for an interview does not guarantee a job, but if you give all the right answers, you do have a great chance at employment. The trick is to “know” what you will be asked.

Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers

What do you think are the most critical skills for paralegal’s position?
It is essential to be organized if you want to work as a paralegal. You also need to possess exceptional analytic and decision making skills along with the ability to communicate effectively.

Why do you think you are an excellent choice for this position?
I have in-depth knowledge of legal terms and perform a variety of research tasks. I am also quite proficient in handling dead cases and a strong aptitude for detail. I believe all these skills make me an excellent choice for a paralegal’s position at your company.

Why do you want to specialize in criminal law?
The criminal law has always intrigued me, and I have always wanted to figure out what makes it tick. Since I have been so interested in criminal law all my life, I have channelized my expertise in determining how to handle criminal cases. Both interest and understanding of the criminal mind have drawn me to this specialization.

Tell us about a conflict that you had with a coworker. How did you handle it?
A fellow paralegal and I were researching precedence for a complicated case when we drew daggers at each other because of conflicting information that we came across. Both of us kept insisting that we were right. Before it ended in a fight, we decided to analyze the situation and eventually went to a plausible conclusion to our problem.