7 Paralegal Internship Resume Objective Examples

Updated: March 23, 2023

Working in an attorney’s office can be quite exciting as it provides much exposure to legal procedures and proceedings. For some law students, a paralegal internship may be a fun activity, while others may be required to do this internship as part of their educational program.

No matter which angle you look at, a paralegal internship promises a lot of exposure in terms of understanding legalities – which books cannot possibly teach you. Working in an attorney’s office can provide you with a multitude of knowledge of legal procedures and basically how the system works.

Acknowledging that a paralegal internship can be the kick-start that a law student needs, let us now look at the significance of this position.

Paralegals are an important part of a legal office as they provide attorneys with a lot of office support that they might have to pay for otherwise. A paralegal intern will do all the paperwork for an attorney and also provide research for case development.

The following are some resume objective examples that you may use when applying for an internship as a paralegal intern.

Paralegal Internship Resume Objective Examples

1. Detail-oriented paralegal student with strong knowledge of investigating cases, performing research, drafting correspondence, preparing reports, and gathering evidence. Excited to work for ABC Company as a paralegal intern.

2. Passionate law graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies. Excited to contribute to the legal team of [Company Name] by using my organization, communication, filing, writing, research, and investigation skills.

3. Seeking a Paralegal Internship at Moonlighting where my law education and strong analytic skills would be used to provide attorneys with the best case development support. Strong integrity and professional ethics.

4. Looking for a Paralegal Intern position at Dregg. Offering strong knowledge of legal terminology along with good judgment and research skills. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a genuine desire to help others.

5. Poised to obtain a Paralegal Internship at NY Law Firm. Bringing solid knowledge of legal technology, multi-tasking, teamwork, and attention to detail, as well as enthusiasm to provide perfect administrative support.

6. Paralegal Intern with persistence and attention to detail, seeking employment with Bridge Attorneys. Offering excellent case research and presentation skills to contribute significantly.

7. To work as a Paralegal Intern with Harry and Hendersons. Bringing knowledge of performing research activities and drafting memoranda to provide a basic support system to the office. Strong reading, writing, and research skills.