When applying for a paralegal position, a job seeker is required to furnish their resume with a compelling career objective statement. Although all resumes do not require an objective statement, but you need to write one if you are an entry level candidate with no experience in hand or you are planning to switch your career.

Since an objective statement comes first on your resume, it needs to be extremely engaging and catchy in order to grab the employer’s interest immediately.

There are many ways to write a paralegal resume objective statement. You just remember that your goal must be employer focused – not self-centered.

Following are some objective examples for paralegal resume.


Sample Objectives for Paralegal Resume

• Seeking a position as a Paralegal with Young Williams employing exceptional ability to assist attorneys with substantive and procedural legal work and preparing and reviewing legal documents.

• To work as a Paralegal with Attorneys Galore applying exceptionally well-placed skills in presenting statements of fact, law and basic legal strategy in a clear and logical manner.

• To obtain a Paralegal position at The Young Ones using expertise in interacting with counsels on matter management and conducting accurate legal research to assist with specific cases.

• Looking for a Paralegal position at Chubb. Proficient in gathering information regarding laws, ordinances and court decisions, interviewing clients to determine nature of cases and reviewing information on filing legal actions.

• Dedicated and resourceful paralegal seeking a position with ATY LLC. Offers 7+ years’ successful track record on legal case study, case filing and reporting. Recognized for handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

• Results-driven, meticulous Paralegal seeking a position with ABC Law Firm utilizing hands-on experience in case filing, legal research and case processing. Effectively minimizes risks associated with business objectives.

• To contribute to the team of XYZ Law Firm in the role of Paralegal. Offers exceptional skills in conducting legal research, analyzing issues and preparing and reviewing drafts of legal documents to ensure that they meet legal requirements and deadlines.

• To join the legal assistant’s team of City Firm. Offering expertise in case handling, legal procedures and custody pursuits to increase the popularity and success of the hiring firm.

• Experienced and well practiced paralegal seeking work in the same capacity. Eager to deliver relevant expertise gained through case documentation, filing, processing and pursuit.

• To secure a paralegal position with XYZ Company where legal case processing and handling skills will be utilized with a broader aim to instill executive legal practices into the working machinery of the company.