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Legal Assistant Skills for Cover Letter and Resume

As a legal assistant, both your cover letter and resume must include skills information. That is because hiring managers want to know what you are capable of doing, before anything else.   Your ability to provide assistance to a unit of attorneys is what they are looking for primarily. It is important to realize that… Read More »

Real Estate Paralegal Skills for Resume

One section of the paralegal resume that is almost always grossly neglected is the skills section. While it is the most critical section in a resume, we often tend to put it on the back burner, wrongly believing that another one can impress a hiring manager more. To be perfectly honest, the skills section is… Read More »

Real Estate Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers

Preparing for an interview can be the easiest thing ever if you have a set of interview questions and answers in front of you so that you can practice. Here is one to help you out:     Real Estate Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers What is the one thing that brought you into the… Read More »