Best Correctional Officer Resume Sample to Get More Interviews

Updated on: October 12, 2020

To get a correctional officer job, you will need to craft an extraordinary resume and cover letter.

A resume for the Correctional Officer position is a snapshot of your skills, abilities, accomplishments, and experiences. To make sure you highlight the most relevant qualifications, carefully read the job description provided by the employer.

As the average time a prospective employer spends in scanning a resume is reduced, resume format perhaps became the most crucial factor in successful resume writing.

Many formats of resumes are available including chronological, skills/functional, and hybrid/combination. You must choose the format that suits your needs based on your experience level and professional background.

Following is a combination resume for a correctional officer position. This format is useful for professionals of all levels.

Sample Resume for Correctional Officer Position

Samuel Stanley
302 Prospect Street, East Orange, NJ 78300
(009) 524-8574 | Email



  • Results-driven and disciplined criminal justice professional with 12+ years of experience in different correctional capacities.
  • Adept at securing and monitoring inmates while developing a healthy rapport with them.
  • Known for effective prevention of escape and violence.
  • Demonstrated ability to enforce regulations and keep order within prisons.
  • Proven expertise in managing the activities of inmates.
  • Committed to helping in the rehabilitation of offenders.
  • Unique talent for inspecting facilities to ensure desired standards.


  • Effectively managed an emergency situation of false fire alarms and conducted disciplinary action against the responsible inmate.
  • Devised economic health and fitness activities for inmates and was highly commended for the same.
  • Attained the award of the most responsible correctional officer in 2019.


Correctional Officer
State Prison,
Las Vegas, NV       
4/2012 – Present

  • Conduct searches of inmates and their surroundings to ensure no illegal item is kept.
  • Perform security observation duties and respond to emergencies.
  • Restrain and control offenders as and when necessary.
  • Supervise offenders while eating, sleeping, and working.
  • Supervise offenders while commuting them from one place to another.

Inmate Records Clerk
State Prison, Las Vegas, NV     
5/2006 – 4/2012

  • Assisted in supervising offenders in many situations.
  • Helped correctional officers in performing body searches.
  • Performed paperwork and maintained electronic records.
  • Prepared and maintained forms and reports.

North East University, Lincoln, NE – 2005
Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

Specialized Training (120 hours)
Federal Bureau of Prisons

– Discipline maintenance – Interrogation techniques
– Conduct monitoring – Escorting inmates
– Information recording – Arrest procedures
– Locks inspection – Visitors screening
– Reports evaluation – Meals serving
– Evidence collection – Offender counseling
– Court hearings –  Escape prevention

Member, American Correctional Association (ACA)

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