6 Career Objectives for Correctional Officer Resume

Updated on: September 1, 2022

Call them career objectives or simply resume objectives, they serve the same purpose – and that is to help prospective employers understand if your career goals are in sync with the company’s mission.

Typically, career objectives need to be two or three lines of selflessly written content, which provides the reader with information on your skills, experiences, and motivations to work at an organization. What it is not supposed to do is edict selfishness.

Emphasizing general traits about your character and personality in a career objective is what will make you a valuable employee.

In the objective statement, make sure that the traits that you mention are actually reflected in the resume.

Remember that by reading your career objective, an employer will decide if he wants to give the rest of the resume a read too. A strong objective that eventually converts into the “truth” in subsequent sections is a successful one.

Here are some examples of career objectives for a correctional officer resume:

Correctional Officer Resume Objective Examples

1. High-energy law enforcement professional looking for a position as a Correctional Officer at the State of West Virginia to oversee detained individuals intending to maintain order within the facility.

2. Seeking a Correctional Officer position at Geo Group employing absolute focus on enforcing correctional procedures including arbitrating disputes and performing necessary disciplinary actions.

3. Poised to work for the County of Sonoma as a Correctional Officer. Offering proficiency in inspecting inmates and counseling them to ensure that the facility is hazard-free and safe for inmates and no violation of the law is imminent.

4. To obtain a Correctional Officer position at the State of Arizona. Adept at observing the conduct and behavior of inmates and noting significant behavior patterns to prevent disturbances and violence.

5. To work as a Correctional Officer for Florida State Prison utilizing exceptional ability to develop working relationships with inmates. Bringing knowledge of referring inmates to appropriate support services and focusing on aiding them in rehabilitation.

6. Seeking a position as a Correctional Officer at Loudoun Country. Enthusiastic to employ solid knowledge of maintaining discipline in prison and maintaining custodial care and control of inmates.