Correctional Officer Resume with No Experience

Updated on May 23, 2018

It is true that successful resumes revolve around experience and accomplishments rather than qualifications.

Therefore, having no experience in a field can be a scary thing especially for beginners. The important thing you need to understand in this regard is that it is your potential that matters, not experience.

However, presenting that potential is crucial to building a correctional officer resume with no experience.

Correctional Officer Resume Tips

Before writing an entry level resume for a correctional officer position, go through the job description in detail and mention the demanded qualifications and your knowledge.

Any volunteer or internship experience must be mentioned in your resume, even if it is irrelevant.

Mentioning volunteer work might help the reader in building a connection between your transferable skills and the job at hand.

There are many formats of resumes available on the internet; however, opting for a generic resume template is not advisable since recruiters easily differentiate a custom made resume from a generic one.


Correctional Officer Resume No Experience


David Rafter
431 Roselyn Ave, Thornton, PA 76293
(002) 777-6666

A compassionate and sincere individual with exceptional civic sense eager to work as a correctional officer with the Thornton Correctional Department

• Adept at taking, understanding and following instructions effectively
• Great attention to detail with an exceptional vigilant approach and analytical thinking
• In-depth knowledge of the criminal law applicable in correctional charges
• Assertive personality with immaculate verbal and written communication skills
• Able to provide security during various activities involving public dealing and checking or responding to threats
• Functional knowledge of all federally issued laws about correctional role applicable within the state


✓ Supervising inmates✓ Periodic patrols✓ Discipline implementation
✓ Traffic screening✓ Maintaining control✓ Instructing inmates
✓ Counseling✓ Tension observation✓ Control Room operations
✓ Inmate counting✓ Inmates’ security✓ Record Maintenance


PEACE OLD HOME, Thornton, PA | Summer 2013
• Accompanied the elderly residents to their hospital visits
• Assisted in feeding the residents
• Spent time with the residents and involved them in social activities available at the facility

THE LAW SCHOOL, Thornton, PA, 2014
Associates degree in Criminal Justice

• Multilingual: Fluent in French, Spanish, and English
• Exposure to various cultures; noteworthy cultural sensitivity
• Current Driver’s License Holder
• FDLE certified

• Book reading • Travelling • Computer Gaming • Tennis, badminton and swimming

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