Juvenile Correctional Officer Cover Letter Sample

Updated September 8, 2019

The work of a juvenile correctional officer is cut out for her or him.

What does that mean?


The work is challenging.

In fact, if you want to apply for this position, your Juvenile Correctional Officer cover letter should effectively highlight why you are the best person to hire.

If you have a degree in criminal studies or behavior management, do mention it in your cover letter, but do not go overboard with too much information. Instead, stick to talking about your skills and abilities as a correctional officer.

As a juvenile correctional officer, your main work will be to handle juvenile delinquents, leading them on the right path.

Since there are young offenders involved here, you must make sure that you tell the hiring manager that you are capable of handling offenders in different age brackets.

Here is a cover letter sample, written especially for a juvenile correctional officer position:


Juvenile Correctional Officer Cover Letter Sample


September 8, 2019

Mr. Anthony Mason
Human Resources Manager
Government Juvenile Detention Center
284 Small Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 80553


Dear Mr. Mason:

Having worked as a juvenile correctional officer for 3 years makes me a great candidate to be considered for one government Juvenile Detention Center. The reason that I say this with so much confidence is the fact that I am aware of my worth, and can effectively provide your facility with its benefit.

As a juvenile correctional officer, I pay great attention to my wards’ physical and emotional security. Since counseling is a great part of my work, I ensure that I talk assigned delinquents into rehabilitating themselves in the best way possible. My focus is on supervising and guarding young offenders during incarceration.

Maintaining order and security of the facility, and ensuring appropriate headcounts is all part of my work. Specifically, I am qualified to determine the nature of offender interactions and to ensure that no nefarious ideas are being discussed. Additionally, I am talented in locating living quarters in order to ensure that no banned items are being used or held. My other competencies include accompanying offenders to court and other facilities, ensuring that they remain under constant scrutiny.

All things considered, I am confident that a meeting between us will provide significant benefits to both ends. I will remain in touch with your secretary in order to set one up. In the meantime, please feel free to call me at (000) 839-1771.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Juvenile Correctional Officer position.




Lily Mathews


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