Correctional Officer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 11, 2021

The success of your cover letter depends on you. If you have the ability to write one that focuses on meeting a prospective employer’s needs, you have as good as bagged the job.

If you concentrate on nonrelevant things, your chances may fall. And that is why it is essential to determine what your specific strengths are so that you can mention them in a way that promises I am the best person to do what you want me to do.

Cover letter writing can be tricky, especially if you are not aware of what the company wants.

Hint: Do some research to find out.

The job description given in the advertisement that you are replying to is your best bet. Look for keywords that describe you and place them in the cover letter strategically.

If your letter is being read by a human, luck will be your friend. If it is being screened by an ATS, you still have a great chance of making it to the call for interview cover letter pile.

Are your creative juices flowing now? Wait! Pick up the job advertisement first, put it in front of you and begin writing! See the following sample to get help.

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Sample Cover Letter for Correctional Officer

Barry Ward
996 Pine Street
Owasso, OK 72330
(333) 585-9652
Barry @ email . com

April 11, 2021

Ms. Nicole Cook
Hiring Manager
Oklahoma Juvenile Detention Center
1836 E 85th Street N
Owasso, OK 74044

Dear Ms. Cook:

I am writing to apply for a correctional officer position currently available at Oklahoma Juvenile Detention Center. Through my six years’ work at Brooklyn Juvenile Center as a correctional officer, I developed a strong understanding of the minds of juvenile criminals and could prove to be a valuable asset to your facility.

Some of my relevant qualifications include:

• Hands-on experience in supervising inmates in housing units and those segregated for punitive measures
• Proven ability to check inmates for contraband and monitor inmate visitor traffic in accordance with legal directives
• Competent at advising and counseling inmates and ensuring that those who need it, are provided with professional help
• Proficient in providing appropriate care and support to vulnerable prisoners, including those at risk of self-harm

I anticipate playing an active role in the future success of the Oklahoma Juvenile Detention Center through my enthusiasm and expertise. I will contact you next week to set up an appointment. If you need more information regarding my qualifications, please feel free to call me at (000) 585-9652.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Barry Ward

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