Juvenile Correctional Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: January 6, 2021

There are many ways to impress a hiring manager enough to grant you an interview to be considered for a juvenile correctional officer position. And all of them are through the Juvenile Correctional Officer resume.

Since this job application document provides you with an opportunity to tell the hiring manager that you are the best contender, it is a good idea to pay special attention when writing one.

To see how you can effectively write a resume for a juvenile correctional officer position, take a look at the following:

Sample Resume for Juvenile Correctional Officer Position

Camilla Connor
909 5th Street, New York City, NY 04021
(000) 965-5214


Organized, resourceful, and competent juvenile correctional officer, with a solid track record of effectively working with incarcerated minors. Highly qualified to ensure the wellbeing of wards, while ensuring security of the facility. Demonstrated ability to focus on youth rehabilitation, through implementation and facilitation of correctional counseling.

• Successfully implemented a unique inspection system that decreased incidents of contraband discovery.
• Introduced a supervision plan that reduced problems associated with supervising more than one inmate at a time.
• Devised a counseling system, increasing rehabilitation incidents by 50%.
• Trained 50+ people to work in juvenile correctional facilities as part of their induction.


Juvenile Correctional Officer
City of New York, New York City, NY
• Transport inmates to and from facilities such as court and medical facilities
• Provide security to inmates within the facility and outside
• Supervise inmates throughout the shift in order to ensure that they do not perform negative activities
• Patrol the facility to ensure that it is safe and well-maintained
• Inspect inmates’ rooms so as to determine the use of contrabands
• Counsel young offenders in a bid to rehabilitate them
• Enforce rules and regulations of the correctional facility
• Escort offenders on recreational and self-help activities
• Break up physical altercations, and isolate offending inmates

Juvenile Correctional Officer Assistant
NY Correctional Facility, New York City, NY 
• Assisted correctional officers in performing facility searches for contraband concealments
• Checked inmates’ rooms in order to ensure that no weapons concealed
• Assisted in breaking up altercations, by remaining neutral
• Provided counseling support in order to facilitate rehabilitation

Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology
New York State University, New York City, NY – 2012

• Ward Transportation
• Facility Patrolling
• Inmates Supervision
• Quarters Inspection
• Security Assurance
• Rules Enforcement
• Security Breach Handling
• Counseling
• Rehabilitation Assistance
• Behavior Management Techniques

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