Community Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 9, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, a community manager does not look after physical communities.

In fact, his or her job is to handle social media campaigns and marketing support functions in a virtual environment.

The main work of a community manager is to create brand awareness through social media platforms.

To work as a community manager, it is important that you possess some experience.

Since you will be acting as the face and voice of a brand or a company, you must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Here is a list of job duties and responsibilities for a community manager resume:

Community Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Confer with brand and marketing managers in order to determine the company’s marketing needs.

• Engage community direction in conversation to decipher social media platforms required.

• Plan and strategize social media campaigns and strategies.

• Create engaging text, audio, and video content for social media and professional accounts.

• Check comments on social media platforms.

• Respond to comments and queries.

• Monitor and track online reviews.

• Organize and manage online, as well as physical events.

• Report on feedback from customers.

• Build effective relationships with customers and industry professionals.

• Develop and implement content plans.

• Engage with the online community.

• Analyze web traffic, along with relevant community metrics.

• Relay community feedback to associated stakeholders.

• Devise community engagement initiatives.

• Create and maintain effective relationships with external agencies, such as journalists.

• Ensure accurate brand representation through social media campaigns.

• Collaborate with different departments, for example, marketing, PR, and communications.

• Keep abreast of new products and features by creating and maintaining liaisons with marketing and sales teams.

• Build effective relationships with existing and potential customers.

• Keep constantly updated about new technology affecting social media.

• Create and implement programs that connect customers, and help them learn from one another.

• Use tools, such as Google Analytics to provide reports on social media metrics.

Community Manager Qualifications

Working as a community manager will require you to possess a degree in marketing, with a major in social media.

The work is demanding in the sense that one has to be constantly on one’s toes. Working in sync with marketing teams is important in this work, which is why good communication skills are required.

Moreover, a community manager must understand public relations so that promotional events can be handled properly.

The ability to create engaging content, such as text, video, and audio is also a skill that is required from a community manager.

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