Business Development Officer Job Description and Duties

Updated on: November 10, 2019

If you categorize the position of a business development officer, you will see that it cannot be categorized under any one industry head.

This is because business development officers work in all organizations that have a reason to build a business – which is virtually every industry!

So when we talk about a business development officer’s job description, we must talk generally and specifics can only be discussed if there is a certain industry in question.

Business development officers are responsible for generating business opportunities for the companies that they work for. This may include banks, retail stores, and even individual projects.

This is a results-driven role in which the individual is responsible for understanding what his field of specialty is and then work towards achieving goals to attract customers towards it.

It is challenging to work at this position, but for a qualified candidate, working as a business development officer is fun, and a means to an end – the fruition of a mission!

Even though each business development officer will have different duties to perform, he or she needs to have a common background – a proven track record in sales, marketing, negotiating, and managing personnel is usually a requirement of this job.

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Typically, you will be performing some or all of the following duties when working as a business development officer:

Business Development Officer Job Description Sample

• Generate new business by prospecting potential clients through calls, emails and referrals.

• Develop and implement marketing activities and employ marketing acumen during calls, and personal meetings to convince clients.

• Foster new clients and expand existing customer relationships by cross-selling products and services.

• Develop and execute a strategic sales growth plan in multiple locations.

• Serve as a primary liaison between company and customers.

• Plan and prepare presentations to assist clients in understanding the company’s vision and product knowledge.

• Communicate new product development and services to prospective clients.

• Plan persuasive approaches and pitches to convince potential clients to provide the business to the company.

• Retain existing customers by presenting new solutions to them in accordance with varying needs.

• Set up meetings between clients and decision-makers and handle any objections or negotiations.

• Identify opportunities for campaigns and services to increase sales.

• Identify and develop unique selling propositions by performing industry and market analysis.

• Forecast sales targets and track and record activity on clients’ accounts.

• Assist in developing and implementing business planning policies.

• Liaise with marketing staff to ensure that the prequalification standard for fulfilled within the correct time frame.