Management Support Assistant Job Description

Updated May 7, 2017

A management support assistant is usually hired to provide high-end support to the management or a unit of executives, with programs and projects. People working at this position are required to be hands-on in all types of administrative work, and be able to handle the many facets of project management. Strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to plan projects and timelines are prerequisites of working at this position.

An associate’s degree in business is usually sufficient to work at this position. If your past experience has been in a similar capacity, you may know what the work is all about and be able to do it in a profound manner. However, if you haven’t worked in this capacity before, you will be trained on the job to provide appropriate support to projects and programs that are assigned to you. Strong organizational skills and the ability to work with spreadsheets and word processors are also required to work at this position.

A major part of the work of a management support assistant is to perform scheduling and reporting work, which is why you have to know these two things inside out. In addition to this, you will need to completely understand the company’s administrative and clerical policies so that you can apply them or take lead from them during each project that you provide support to.

Here is a list of job duties for a person working as a management support assistant:

Management Support Assistant Job Description

• Provide responsible technical assistance to assigned program and projects through assistance in analysis, implementation and monitoring

• Collect and sort relevant data according to provided instructions, which may support the department’s policies, goals and procedures

• Develop new program elements and provide suggestions for modifications to ensure that program goals are met

• Monitor and coordinate the daily operation of assigned projects and program areas by performing administrative detail work

• Conduct analysis of a wide range of department activities to determine the type of management support that they require

• Conduct surveys and perform research activities and statistical analysis to provide reporting services for each project module

• Coordinate marketing and public relations programs and prepare and disseminate newsletters and related materials

• Direct basic office management functions including technical and functional supervision of participants

• Prepare budgets and provide budget recommendations related to assigned areas of responsibility

• Determine grant requirements and perform grant assessments, in addition to funding cycles of grantors

• Assist in performing project-related bookkeeping and accounting activities, including preparing journal entries and grant performance reports