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Customs Officer Job Description and Duties for Resume

Customs Officer Job Description Customs officers work for government departments in order to ensure that banned items do not enter the country and to streamline incoming and outgoing shipments. They are usually stationed at airports, train stations, and other places where passengers from other countries land/enter. The ability to determine trouble, and explore incidents is… Read More »

Court Services Officer Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Court Services Officer Qualifications One has to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least to be considered eligible to work as a court services officer. In addition to formal education, it is essential for people working in this position to understand the importance of being organized at all times.… Read More »

Environmental Police Officer Job Description for Resume

Environmental Police Officer Job Description If you are in love with nature, working as an environmental police officer may be just what the doctor ordered. Working in this position means that you will be focusing on the protection of natural resources, in a commercial or recreational capacity. To be considered eligible for the position of… Read More »

Parking Enforcement Officer Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Parking enforcement officers are hired by cities and companies that have huge parking lots and need someone to make sure that parking rules are enforced properly. Usually, universities, schools, colleges, residential facilities, event complexes, malls, and hotels secure the services of parking enforcement officers. They are responsible for making sure that all parking… Read More »

Microfinance Officer Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Microfinance officers are usually hired in non-government organizations, where their main duty is to support a microfinance project. A microfinance officer reports to the director of the project, making sure that all logistics of the program or project are properly coordinated. Since microfinance is a concept that is based on assisting individuals or small organizations… Read More »

Logistics Officer Job Description and Duties for Resume

Logistics Officer Job Description Logistic officers work in a variety of settings including retail, manufacturing, NGOs, and government organizations. They are considered important contributors to the successful operations of the organization that they are working for, as without them, the company may crumple under the weight of the logistical load. To work as a logistics… Read More »

Administrative Officer Job Description for Resume

In different types of organizations, the work of administrative officers differs. This means that they may be entrusted with dozens of duties spanning many departments within one company, or maybe required to handle ones related to just one department. The type of work that they have to do particularly depends on their individual settings, however,… Read More »