Communications Officer Job Description and Duties

Updated on: January 6, 2021
Communications Officer Job Description

Working as a communications officer can be great fun, even though it is a lot of work.

The main work of a person working at this position is to create and maintain an effective channel between the company that they working for, and the public and media.

They write content to reach out to customers in order to communicate the company’s products and services. Many communications officers also work in NGOs supporting specific causes.

It goes without saying that communications officers need to possess excellent verbal and written abilities. Since they primarily work in a position that requires them to meet people every single day, they have to be able to get along with people from different walks of life.

If you are in the process of applying for a communications officer role, have a look at the following duties associated with this position:

Communications Officer Duties and Responsibilities

• Determine target audiences in order to determine ways of developing communications strategies.

• Work alongside communications managers and directors to create well-placed strategies.

• Assist in the implementation of communication strategies by following orders and instructions.

• Write and edit contexts such as publications and press releases.

• Create annual reports and speeches as well as other marketing materials in order to communicate the company’s information to clients.

• Create and maintain effective relationships with journalists and other external agencies.

• Coordinate publicity events in order to enhance the company’s presence and brand name.

• Assist with the maintenance of the company website and social media channels, for example, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

• Strategize fundraising activities in order to acquire functional donors.

• Source and develop in-house, as well as external marketing materials.

• Transmit guidelines to stakeholders through various media channels.

• Handle and oversee virtual communications.

• Preserve and promote company reputation amongst staff members.

• Assess program requirements for each module and assist in creating a separate outreach and communications strategy.

• Prepare reports regarding communications and outreach efforts and services for the management’s approval.

• Set up media interviews in order to encourage executives to make positive remarks about brands and companies.

• Create and maintain effective records management systems in order to ensure that all outreach programs are properly documented.

Communications Officer Position Requirements

A degree in communications or marketing is required in order to work as a communications officer.

Prior experience may or may not be necessary depending on the organization that wants to hire you. As a communications officer, you will be helping a communications manager strategize and implement the company’s communications policies.

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